Gfl digimind upgrade en

She relies on her amazing Skill to tank that supplements her already very strong stat base.

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These qualities alone make her overall the most durable and adaptable utility tank. Overall and despite her weakness, RO is an extremely strong tank against both mobs and bosses alike and is a highly recommended investment despite her suboptimal tile buffs.

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It even makes her a contender for the best unit in this role. RO communicates with fellow T-Dolls in the dormitory through her megaphone. Her high HP and Evasion allow her to take excellent advantage of her fast activating Evasion self-buff, and the enemy Damage decrease she inflicts consistently reduces pressure on allies and herself alike.

Although its duration is rather unimpressive, it should still last long enough to see regular battles through to the end. ARs are highly accurate by nature, so they have no need for a further boost to their Accuracy. Despite her mediocre tiles, RO remains an incredibly effective utility tank and the most versatile one.

RO can help her achieve this with her tile buffs. As her kit is fully suited towards tanking, she should be at the front of any standard 3 AR 2 SMG Echelon composition. Consider Supporting us with GamePress Boost! Read more. Boost Community Discord All Games.

gfl digimind upgrade en

Sign In Register. Featured Update Theater for Dummies. RO Submit Feedback or Error. Table of Contents Stats. Normal Damaged. Analysis by Mechty. Main Tank. Max HP Max DMG Max ACC The below table can be used to determine which T-Doll you will receive when producing new T-Dolls through the Factory T-Doll Production interface by refering to the production completion time. Example; you start 1 T-Doll Production which displays it will take exactly 3 hours to complete 3hrs, 00 Minutes, 00 Seconds.

The following table details the required resources for certain TDolls to drop when creating a TDoll production recipe. Every class of TDoll is split into 2 sets with different resource requirements. If the recipe you use meets multiple sets requirements then all of the associated dolls are potential drops.

This article may require cleanup, for the following reason s : Outdated minimum resources required for certain T-Dolls as well as minimum resource requirements for missing T-Dolls need to be added. These recipes are designed to increase the chances of obtaining certain classes of T-Doll from production by combining the various minimum resource requirements as efficiently as possible.

Note: If you want a specific T-Doll you should refer to the requirements chart above and only use the minimum required resources for the set that includes that T-Doll as this will increase the likelihood of that T-Doll dropping by limiting the number of other potential drops.

Be sure to consider that the first set of ARs will always be potential drops from any recipe with a combined total of more thanthat the first set of SMGs can drop from any recipe and that HGs will also be potential drops unless the total is more than Literally optimized recipes just meeting requirement for target dolls while excluding other dolls as much as possible.

More recipes with their resulting drop rates can be found at Sangivs-Science or baka. However, these data are collected through resulting crafts, not generated with the game's code, so they only estimate the real rates, not represent them.

According to an official statement [1] the construction rates are as follows. From Girls' Frontline Wiki. Categories : Guides Needs Improvement. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. Enemies Enemy Index. Other Items.Unfortunately, there is plenty of false or misleading information about Coronavirus going around. For information on symptoms, treatments, and preparation, we recommend visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization websites.

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T-Doll Production

Seeing Design Broaden your definition of design and learn to see it in the world around you. Recent Video. Julius M Share Your Story.Di bulan Februari ini, para gamer Girls' Frontline akan dihadapkan dengan major event terbaru bertajuk Continuum Turbulence. Event yang satu ini dianggap cukup rumit jika dibandingkan dengan major event lalu, Singularity.

Apa saja tantangan yang akan dihadapi para gamer di event Continuum Turbulence? Apa saja yang bisa dilakukan untuk menamatkan event ini? Berbeda dengan event Singularity yang memiliki jalan cerita bercabang namun berjalan paralel, Continuum Turbulence memiliki ending berbeda di setiap chapter- nya.

Untuk mendapatkan ending tertentu, kamu harus menyelesaikan salah satu misi di branching point. Jika kamu terjebak di jalan buntu, kamu harus kembali ke branching point sebelumnya untuk dan menyelesaikan misi yang lain.

gfl digimind upgrade en

Paradeus merupakan musuh baru yang dikenalkan di Continuum Turbulence. Pasukan Paradeus terdiri dari drone, android, tank, hingga robot Gundam berkekuatan besar. Mereka dipimpin oleh para Nyto, sekelompok android misterius berwarna hitam-putih. Selain Paradeus, kamu juga akan menemukan instalasi anti-air yang akan memblokir akses helipad di sekitarnya, instalasi rocket launcher yang menambah kekuatan serang musuh, hingga gerombolan zombi yang merupakan pasukan KCCO terinfeksi ELID.

Untuk menghadapi Paradeus dan musuh-musuh lain, kamu akan dibantu dengan pasukan Heavy Ordnance Corps.

gfl digimind upgrade en

HOC merupakan unit jenis baru yang mengoperasikan senjata artileri berkekuatan besar. Jika mereka berdiri di belakang pasukan yang tengah bertarung, HOC bisa membombardir pasukan musuh. Ada 3 jenis HOC yang bisa digunakan, dan masing-masing punya spesialisasi masing-masing.

Misil anti-tank BGM bisa menembus armor musuh, mortar 2B14 bisa menyapu bersih gerombolan musuh, dan pelontar granat AGS bisa melakukan keduanya namun kemampuannya tidak sehebat dua unit HOC sebelumnya.

Ini 5 Alasannya. Usahakan semuanya beranggotakan T-Doll dengan Dummy Link x5 agar bisa menamatkan keseluruhan chapter di event ini. Kamu juga membutuhkan HOC untuk menyerang instalasi musuh. Health tinggi sangat direkomendasikan karena Nyto memiliki akurasi tinggi yang mengabaikan evasion. Bicara soal unit-unit yang akan digunakan, bakal ada beberapa unit yang akan mendapatkan Digimind Upgrade. Upgrade ini akan menaikkan tingkat rarity mereka, menambah skill baru, serta memperkuat stats mereka.

Itu dia beberapa tips persiapan event Continuum Turbulence di Girls' Frontline, yang akan diadakan mulai tanggal 18 Februari. Bagaimana dengan persiapan kamu sendiri?

Fahrul Razi.

Ingin Menamatkan Event GFL Continuum Turbulence? Ikuti Saran Ini!

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Category:T-Dolls with Digi-mind upgrade

Detect new entrants. Competitive Intelligence Solution. Outpace competitors like. Book a Demo.FN49 for short. Will eventually get a mod3 that turns her into a more powerful FP-buffing rifle than Lee. Until then, she's okay-ish for a free unit to pair with M14, but has plenty of better alternatives available. Or SKS for short. Self-buffs RoF, but with too weak stats.

Between G43 and M14 you have enough good low-rarity rifles to keep you supplied while you work on better ones.

GFL Explained: Neural Upgrade

Aka AAT Between an useless skill and even more useless buff tiles not worth using under any circumstances. Her basic tile buff is excellent, which instantly makes her the best handgun to use with MG echelons at day.

The combination of a significant HG evasive buff plus very decent rifle damage buff also makes her a solid alternative to Grizzly for RFHG echelons. So far, so good. This can a bit finnicky to pull off, but the results are hilarious enough to make it worth the effort. Like her real life counterpoint, ultimately disappointment despite being not quite entirely worse than many competitors. She's not the worst grenadier out there, but in the end, both and SOPMOD are better than her, and you don't need more than a few grenadiers.

Selfie Queen. Probably Jarv's waifu Jarv in disguise. Claims bullpups are scientifically the best thing ever. If she doesn't have an ally in front of her, she self-buffs for both firepower and RoF, with a net increase of This alone makes her usable, but her unique brand of cheese is when you have friends in front of her. Due to the way area scan skills work, with the move command and a sense of timing, you can actually protect the whole echelon this way via shenanigans or at least just all your frontal tank units.

Oh by the way, this also works on the taunt fairy target drone. That out of the way, she's a topnotch high performance SMG with your choice of permanent passive buff.

K11 VS The World - Girls Frontline

She renders all of the long-duration-but-average-buff Evade type SMGs completely pointless, having more HP than most, and basically infinite duration buffs you can choose.

Using her skill cycles between all 3 of them if you cant tell, theyre color coded. Evade is blue, FP is red, hit is orange. If youre colorblind Noone actually uses the Acc buff though.See T-Doll Production for details.

gfl digimind upgrade en

It is considered as one of the first assault rifles in history a select-fire gun that uses intermediate rifle cartridges. It was developed towards the late stage of World War II. The Wehrmacht divisions that invaded the Soviet Union during were being pushed back by the Red Army by late Many Soviet rifle companies were issued PPSh submachine guns, while the trained guard troops were issued semi-automatic SVT rifles, whereas the majority of the Wehrmacht divisions still relied on the bolt action Kar98k.

Facing the overwhelming level of automatic firepower difference, Nazi leadership urged development of new arms and infantry doctrines. Due to the political atmosphere atmostly attributed to Nazi Germany's leader Adolf Hitler, early StG44 models were released under the designations MP43 and MP44 Maschinenpistole and respectively. Recognizing the weapon's performance and the new fighting doctrine's success in Eastern front ofthe rifle received minor improvements and was redesignated StG It was stated that Hitler himself renamed the MP44 to StG44 after being impressed by its performance, but this is disputed by some historians.

The StG44 was designed for a new cartridge, the 7. The fully automatic weapon had more range than the MP40 SMGs chambered for 9x19mm pistol cartridges, while being able to fulfill the fire suppression role of a machine gun. By replacing the bolt action Mauser Kar98k rifles with the StG44, units were able to function better in close and medium range combat. The rifle's automatic action is actuated by gas, which pushes back a long-stroke piston rod.

It has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds and is relatively heavy, weighing around 5kg loaded. It also has a fairly slow rate of fire of rounds per minute.

The combination of light cartridges and low ROF made the gun relatively controllable in full auto. It had a selector switch for fully automatic and semi-automatic modes. The introduction of the StG44 and new German infantry doctrines were too late to have an effect on the war itself, as by it was clear the defeat of the Nazi regime was imminent. Stockpiles of StG44 rifles recovered after the war had inspired the world of the weapon's concept and fighting doctrines, such was made evident by Mikhail Kalashnikov's AK rifle and later on Eugene Stoner's AR rifle.

Her outfit suggests a strong pride in her country of origin, but her reason for wearing it is almost entirely cosmetic—she likes how it looks, and her quotes indicate she works hard to maintain her flashy uniform and gear so as to always present a professional angle to her fellow T-Dolls. The doll is dress in a similar manner to a general of the German Luftwaffe of World War II, the air force branch of the German military.

Her rank as a general is indicated by the golden color of her insignia, aiguillette, buttons and the braided chinstrap on her peaked cap. Several nations use this combination of symbols to distinct their airborne troops. Their usage of the StG44 is also well documented, but not typical to see on photos. From Girls' Frontline Wiki.

StG44 Affects submachine guns. Affects submachine guns and assault rifles. Enemies will receive multiple hits when standing in overlapping areas.

Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. Enemies Enemy Index.

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